Portrait drawing tips for beginners, sketching techniques

Here are valuable free portrait drawing tips for beginners to improve drawing techniques and sketch and paint realistic looking life-like portraits.

Go to this site and read the interesting posts and follow the step by step instructions to
quickly learn how to draw well and produce great works of art.. There are many tips on drawing the head, the eyes, the nose and the mouth. You can also find videos and art tutorials and learn how to do sketches and draw using shading with strokes. There are useful links to some good reference books on drawing and recommended tools of the trade which can enable you to draw with ease and confidence.

If you are interested in looking for other books on this subject, you can also read the other posts and pages in this blog to find more portrait drawing tips and valuable and useful resources.

If you are a budding artist and want to draw portraits confidently, you may want to find out more in a course which can help you to achieve your objectives. You will discover the secrets and quickly learn the steps of…

  • how to draw faces of people, step by step
  • how to make sure that your drawings are always in proportion
  • how to draw noses using 3 simple keys
  • how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes when drawing eyes
  • how to create expressions which look very real
  • how to draw hair with very powerful special techniques
  • the dos and don’ts
  • and more…

This course by a professional artist with many years of experience will help you to reach your full potential in your drawing. You will learn his 3 secrets to take your drawings to whole new levels and enable your to realise your dreams to produce beautiful and realistic portraits of people.

You can read more by going to the portrait drawing tips for beginners page.




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Although I am now too busy to further develop and make more improvements to this portraitdrawingtipsforbeginners.com website. you can still find some free and useful portrait drawing tips in my earlier posts and in the other pages of this website. Feel free to explore this website site to find what you want to improve your portrait drawing skills. I have performed searches to find websites which provide free and easy to follow portrait drawing lessons. I have found some good websites and have included links to some of these websites. They have many helpful articles on portrait drawing and free portrait drawing lessons which show you how to use various drawing techniques to create beautiful portrait drawings. This website also shares some free specially selected portrait drawing videos which enable you to appreciate the portrait drawing skills of the artists and at the same time also to learn and enjoy portrait drawing in short easy steps.

I hope you will enjoy reading the articles in this site and the other websites and watching the videos. You can pick up some good portrait drawing tips and learn some effective and useful portrait drawing techniques, which can be applied to help you make good progress in your drawing efforts, whether you are just starting to learn to draw portraits or looking to make further advancements in your portrait drawing endeavors, to produce magnificent pieces of art.

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I first put up this portrait drawing tips website about four months ago.

Drawing faces is not difficult if you can find someone who is already very experienced and successful  in this field to guide you. It is possible to learn very effectively and quickly from a good book or video and become a great portrait drawing artist who is capable of drawing great portraits and producing astounding pieces of art.

This site was built to enable interested people, especially those who are just starting out to become artists, to find some practical portrait drawing tips and techniques and learn some good methods to draw portraits.

If you are looking for free art and drawing lessons to learn how to draw faces, you can go to this interesting website.and learn some portrait drawing skills..

You can also watch this video which shows you how to get some free and useful portrait drawing tips.

If you are interested in purchasing some good products which can help you to start learning how to draw or to enhance your portrait drawing skills and techniques, you can visit this portrait drawing tips page. You will find that it contains a large amount of valuable and useful information which can be applied. This will help you learn from the drawing experts so that you can acquire the necessary drawing skills and make big improvements in your drawing.  Just browse, examine all the available options and offers to find the products you need to enable you to move on to the next level in your drawing.

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Do you want to see a very skillful portrait drawing artist in action, coming out with a very well drawn portrait of a very well known celebrity ?

I just found this very interesting short video which shows a wonderful portrait of very talented and popular actor Johnny Depp being quickly and professionally drawn in front of you, right before your eyes. You can really see the artist’s brush strokes in quick action and see the portrait being created in all its glory. The artist displays great portrait drawing techniques. The finished portrait is a real sight to behold  You have to see this to appreciate the great skill of the artist.  You must not miss this great video. It may be removed at any time. Watch this video now to pick up some very useful and practical portrait drawing tips and also to see a beautiful portrait of a very famous actor who, I am sure, has a great number of fans.

Welcome To Portrait Drawing Tips For Beginners Website


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If you are looking for ways to learn how to draw portraits and faces, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find information on how to get started to become an artist, pick up some portrait drawing techniques  and specialize in portrait drawing.

Have a look inside and get some valuable portrait drawing tips..

Enjoy your drawing.

Hope you can quickly acquire new drawing skills and make great strides to improve yourself to achieve your artistic goals.